The Evening Grosbeaks

As I pull into the lengthy, snow-covered driveway in Jefferson, New Hampshire, David Govatski fills the suet feeder that hangs from the edge of the forest-lined path next to his home. He greets me and explains that visitors have been coming to his house almost everyday as of late to see the Evening Grosbeaks. Every … Continue reading The Evening Grosbeaks

The Birds of Cape May, Delaware and Maryland

A lot of cool birds fly through Cape May, New Jersey during migration in late September. From Vermont, it takes us almost eight hours to drive to Cape May and as we enter this historic resort town, a welcome center stands off to the right next to the highway. This is "Exit 0" off of … Continue reading The Birds of Cape May, Delaware and Maryland

Birds, Blueberries and the Bold Coast

The blueberry barrens of Columbia, Maine stretch out far and wide, and cover the land like a carpet. The area hosts a variety of inland bird species such as the Upland Sandpiper and Vesper Sparrow. The land is now owned by Wyman's, and is anything but barren. According to the company website, the blueberry fields … Continue reading Birds, Blueberries and the Bold Coast

Introduction to Sandpipers

Do you ever see Sandpipers running or flying on the beach and wonder what kind they are? There are actually many different species of Sandpiper. Learn how to easily identify them in this article! ******************************************************************************** The Sanderlings run down the sandy beach towards the ocean as soon as the waves retreat, searching for small crustaceans, … Continue reading Introduction to Sandpipers

The Magic of Monhegan Island, Maine.

In the early morning hours of Friday, September 13th, our Ipswich River Audubon group scrambled into the vans with coffee in hand. It was (yawn) 5:30 a.m. and the sun had not yet risen. The only unlucky thing about that Friday the 13th was that I spilled Latte all over the van's cup holders, and … Continue reading The Magic of Monhegan Island, Maine.