The Fallout

The “fallout” occurred in mid-May of 2022. I had never experienced this phenomenon, and had to go see what what the big deal was. As some of you know, fallouts happen during bad rain or snow storms when migrating birds can’t deal with the wind or rain and they drop out of the sky at random locations in order to survive.

Our uber birder here in New England, Steve M., informed us that there were many species of warblers present in and around Church Street in Hampton, New Hampshire. I hadn’t even gotten out of my car when I saw them in the trees, and I couldn’t believe how many species of warbler there were… TEN in all!

I have never seen so many Magnolia Warblers in one place before…

The telltale “black necklace”

I finally got a good shot of a Common Yellowthroat or … “masked bandit”

A Black-throated Blue Warbler, below:

The Redstarts are not technically red. The male is more of an orange color (and the female is yellow):

There were also Black-throated Greens, Yellow Warblers, Chesnut-sided Warblers and more. Here is one of my favorites, the Black-and-white Warbler:

These birds are so fast, it can be very challenging to get a clear shot. I have been hoping to get a good photo of a Wilson’s Warbler for a long time, but the one I saw here kept flitting around in the bushes, evading me at every turn.

After searching for at least 40 minutes, while respecting its space, I was FINALLY able to get a couple of decent shots of the Wilson’s.

Wilson’s Warbler
I just love this little guy with the black cap on his head! So handsome…:-)

After spending hours with these amazing warblers, I felt satisfied because this family of birds are one of my favorites. Many of these precious song birds are on the decline and lots of people don’t even know what they are. Please VOTE GREEN to keep these little beauties around.

My apologies for not writing as frequently on my blog, I have been writing for other publications such as AAA Northern Explorer Magazine, etc.

5 thoughts on “The Fallout

  1. Excellent job with the Warbler pictures. Thanks for sharing – I enjoyed reading this.

    Talk to you soon Wendy

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  2. Thanks so much! I really enjoy these. Your photos are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming works.


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